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+ Jar & water mixer for Cocina Hermanos Torres

The jar & water mixer are a project conceived for the two Michelin star awarded chefs Hermanos Torres in collaboration with Aguas de Barcelona company. These objects were born with the aim of reflecting on the consumption of running water in luxury restaurants.

To give the correct value that the water deserves, the design of the jar was designed for its handcrafted manufacture in transparent glass with a handle that in addition to providing aesthetic value, facilitated its use.

The mixer it’s used to give an added value to the water, endowing it with the different flavors used in haute cuisine.
They were two handcrafted models out of black and white porcelain, with a Galician walnut wood handler.

This is a project made by Aurora Villalpando, Andrea Pedraja, Sumaya Shelbi, Júlia Bonet, Vera Rubio, Júlia Claveria, Jose Riesco and Alberto G. Virgos, under the supervision of Martín Azúa and Anna del Corral.

My tasks on it where focused on the co-conception and co-design of the objects, and make the whole technical development and technical design of the project from the conception phase, to the manufacturing stage.

Press: La Vanguardia

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